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Available Means, this Bengal kitten is now available so feel free to enquire. 
Pending Means, this kitten is on hold but might become available later on. 
Keeper Means that we are keeping this kitten for our breeding program, will stay at IndoKatz
Sold Means, this Bengal kitten is sold and no longer available .





Oasis Bengals Amazin Dude X Marie Bengals Samratu

Born :  5 Februari 2018

1 Male 


                 Male 1 Brown







Sunstorm Bima X Bella

Born :  12 Februari 2018

1 Male + 2 Female



Male 1 Silver





Female 1 Silver Charcoal





Female 2 Brown





Amazin Dude  Bella

Born :  20 Oktober 2017

2 Female







Male : Oasis Bengals Amazin Dude of Indokatz





   Male : Sunstorm Bima of Indokatz








Breeding Program


Sunstorm Bima      X     Kittunkatz Valentine  >    2 male + 2 female

Sunstorm Bima      X     Namora                      >    Birth 25 April 2018





Reservations of a family pet kittens : ‑ Our Bengal kittens and cats can be reserved with a deposit of 200$, the remaining will be ask when the kitten leave our cattery, you can also reserve a spot on our reservation list if you prefer to have your kitten later this year and be sure to have kittens to choose from.

Show/Breeders ‑We do not hold a waiting list for show/breeding kittens, theses kittens will be sold after the evaluation process to the selected breeders that show us interest on a particular kitten on first ask first served basis, so please contact‑us while the kittens are still Under Evaluation , Pending or Available.




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