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Welcome to Indokatz Cattery

Bengal & Savannah Cattery


Indokatz Cattery is a T.I.C.A Registered


We are passionate about Bengal cat, Our Bengals are part of our family and live without cage. Our goal is to offer you real small house leopard without his aggressive behaviour and offer only top quality Bengal cats. We are specialise in (Jet black Big rosettes) tricolor Brown (Black) Spotted Tabby.(Real leopard patterns) We have made enormous research to select breeding Bengal studs and queens of superior quality from top champion bloodlines. This assures us of having fabulous bengal kittens with a high show/breeder ratio. Our goal is to help bring the Bengal race to a higher level such as small rounded ears, white tummy, large eyes outlined in white goggles, deep chin spotted legs, wild walk and non­fading big jet black rosettes on light golden short and clear background coat.All our Bengal studs and Queens and their kittens are registered T.I.C.A. At Indokatz Cattery we care about the health of our cats and kittens. They are all vaccinated, fully dewormed and are seen by a veterinarian often. We guarantee a bengal cat without any disease and parasites.

If you have any questions feel free to contact­ us.



History of Bengal Cats

Bengal Cats are a cross between Asian Leopard Cat and Domestic Cats


Bengal Cats are the result of crossovers by California breeders, Mrs. Jean Mill is dreaming of creating a domestic cat with the physical characteristics of a Bengalensis native cat and the moral qualities of a home cat. After various crosses were done in 1963 from domestic cats and Asian Leopard Cat so as to produce the feather design of the current Bengal cat.

Look at Bengal cat

The bengal cat, during his childhood, his dress is undergoing a period of ʺfuzzyʺ as camouflage for Wild animals in the nature.The Bengal is covered with long gray/black hair, so its realy hard to know wath color this bengal cat will take later, and the fuzzy stage can last till 6 months of age.

The dress of Bengal is slow to develop can take up to two years to become final. There are several kinds of model: the spots, marble and rosettes (bicolore task is open or closed). These are the rosettes (task clear inside a circle darker), which are most sought. The Bengal is the only breed of cat to have rosettes. Its fur is exceptionally soft, silky and velvet to the touch. Under the light the Bengal cat appears covered with a thin layer of gold dust.

Bengal Cat Temperament and Personality
Me the Bengal Cat : Because of my wild ancestor, me bengal cat I inherited the love of the water Iʹm fascinated by it. So dont be surprised if I just fallow you in the shower or bath. I am curious, likes to climb and perch myself in height, I have my very active period Power Tripe to spend my too full of energy. I am very sociable, affectionate and loves the company of other animals. I am a little leopard luxury without having its aggressive nature. I love to communicate with people when you hear me youʹll see by yourself that I am not an ordinary cat because my voice does not sound like a cat. I am endowed with great intelligence with a little practice you can teach me several things.If you work alots and have no time for me, i may be not the good cat for you, or you can buy me a little sister or brother to play with. I was lucky to be born in a good cattery and have good breeders who let me live with their families, which help me to socialized with humans, these are the reason why I can and want to live with the person or family who wont to adopt me

Bengals are intelligent, active, inquisitive and energetic cats. Due to their Asian Leopard Cat ancestry, many Bengals have a love of water and will drink from and play with the water from a dripping tap. Bengals are often quite happy to play in 1-2 inches of water in the bath if allowed (but it needs to be said that you should never force this on your cat).

They are agile, love to climb should be provided with places to climb and watch the world from a height.

Bengals get along well with other pets and people and don’t tend to play favourites with any one member of the household.

They are a high energy breed and are known to enjoy high places and are enthusiastic climbers. Many Bengal owners have trained their cat to walk on a harness, so they can enjoy the great outdoors in safety. It is always best to start harness training when your Bengal is a kitten and recognise that not all Bengals will take to this…although many do.

Bengal cats love to play, well into adulthood. Fetch, stalking and pouncing on a wand toy, chasing toy mice are some of their favourite games. Their intelligence means they pick up new tricks quickly.

If you are out a lot of the time it is recommended that you get your Bengal a companion so that he doesn’t become lonely. Some Bengals can become depressed or destructive if left alone for long periods of time.

Words used to describe Bengals include: active, intelligent, playful, willful, energetic.




Bengal Cat Pattern

Spotted : The spots should be dark and clear, with a crisp outline with a good contrast to the background colour.  The spots can be either solid, arrow-shaped or as rosettes. Spots should be found on the body, including the belly, the legs will have spots and or stripes. Spots should be random or horizontal in alignment.

Marbled : The marbled pattern consists of contrasting horizontal swirls along the side of the cat.  The contrast must be extreme.

Bengal cats have a gene known as the glitter gene. It is believed this came from the kitten Jean Mill imported from India. It is a recessive gene and is highly desirable in the Bengal. It looks as if a handful of gold has been sprinkled over the coat.


Indokatz Bengal

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